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February 20 2014


January 07 2014

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Watch in video, how KleenJet tile steam cleaning machine from Daimer leaves your tile looking brand new. Strongly recommended for tile and grout cleaning in commercial facilities. 
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Daimer® tile steam cleaners are heavily recommended for tile and grout cleaning in commercial facilities, as they feature exclusive technologies that can easily eliminate dirt, grime, stains, and other tough deposits from tiles and grouts.

November 15 2013


Steam Cleaning Machines Offer Versatile Applications with Minimum Effort

Steam cleaning machines are the first choice of cleaning professionals when it comes to dealing with some of the toughest cleaning tasks. They are the perfect cleaning machines for all types of home, commercial and industrial cleaning applications that require sanitizing and disinfecting. 

Steam cleaning machines are acknowledged by industry experts as a powerful surface cleaner which not only removes dirt and stubborn stains, but also removes all traces of germs, bacteria, and other harmful substances. In effect, these powerful cleaning machines leave the surface clean and completely sanitized.

Hygienic Cleaning that Cleans and Disinfects

Owners of hotels and restaurants swear by these machines to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of their kitchen and other critical areas of business. Steam cleaning machines offer the best and simplest options to restaurant owners, hospital administrators, commercial kitchen operators and administrators of healthcare facilities, as the versatile cleaning action of these machines helps them maintain a hygienic atmosphere. The high temperature of these machines effectively dissolves stains and removes odors from all surfaces.

Choosing the best steam cleaning machines is important for getting top performance from the machine consistently. You must make sure the boiler is made of top quality stainless steel and not aluminum because steel does not corrode and can withstand high temperature and pressure levels better than aluminum boilers. The best brands available on the market come with a self-cleaning boiler which drives down maintenance costs dramatically.

If you plan to use these powerful cleaning machines for industrial or commercial cleaning, you must make sure the pressure level is adequate to handle the tough challenges of commercial cleaning. Cleaning machines with high temperatures can sanitize and clean commercial and industrial surfaces better and get rid of stains caused by grease, oil and chemicals faster than any non-heated machine.

The Best Option for Cleaning a Variety of Industrial and Commercial Surfaces

Industry experts consider vapor steam cleaners to be a great investment because these machines serve a wide range of home and commercial cleaning challenges. Vapor steam cleaners can be used for sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces within an industrial facility.

They can, however, perform as effective hotel room steam cleaner systems because these steam vacuum cleaners are designed for cleaning grout lines, bathroom surfaces and fittings, spot cleaning jobs, and sanitizing a variety of surfaces for close and comprehensive cleaning. Steam vacuum cleaners emit vapors that are relatively dry as they contain only 5 percent water. That is why they are recommended for use as hotel room steam cleaner systems and cannot perform effectively as commercial steam cleaners.

The best machines available on the market offer steam temperature levels that can easily reach up to 330°F and a decent pressure level to make them the ideal machines for virtually any demanding commercial cleaning application that requires steam cleaning. Portable commercial steam cleaners offer the added advantage of mobility which improves their utility value significantly. The best cleaning machines also offer the advantage of continuous refill which allows for continuous cleaning operations without forced refill interruptions.

October 21 2013


Rug Steam Cleaners for Reducing Carpet Washing Time

Time is money when you are running a business. The more tasks you can complete in a given span of time, the more profit your business generates. Keeping in mind the productivity of commercial cleaning businesses, dealers are offering a range of rug steam cleaners with the aim of reducing the carpet washing time and enabling contractors to undertake more cleaning tasks. One of the advantages of using commercial rug steam cleaners is that these machines are durable, corrosion resistant, and facilitate fast, effective carpet washing. 

Rug steam cleaners feature high temperatures of up to 210°F. These machines are, therefore, ideal for removing grease, mold, stains, urine stains, ink, and other impurities from carpets. Experienced householders and contractors know that deposits on carpets need to be washed off quickly before they can penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers and become almost impossible to remove. Rug steam cleaners are very effective in washing away stains. These machines eliminate not just fresh stains but also old stains which might be marring the beauty of an otherwise perfect carpet.

The Benefits of High Temperature

The high temperatures attained by these carpet cleaning machines are perfect for the removal of grease and similar substances from carpets. The heat is also suitable for removing mold and other impurities from carpets and upholstery. Carpet wash machines are usually equipped with two types of wands.  The first one is a carpet cleaning wand which is usually 12in. in length and is used for cleaning large carpets. The second wand is smaller, about 4in., and is used for cleaning upholstery and for cleaning fabric seat covers and carpets inside cars. Usually, carpet wash machines may have one of these wands, with the option of buying the other type of wand, if required. 

Besides the type of wand, you also have to keep in mind the length of hoses required for cleaning large carpeted floors. Commercial areas often cover a lot of space and, therefore, contractors have to clean large areas of carpeting. It would be helpful to have a long hose that minimizes the need to move the machine too frequently. This raises productivity substantially. The hoses are as long as hundred feet in some types of carpet cleaning machines. 

Portable carpet cleaners offer the additional benefit that they can be transported to various locations. Portable carpet cleaners are often used by mobile car wash businesses to clean car interiors, specifically car seats, at various locations. 

Commercial carpet cleaners often achieve pressure levels as high as 500 psi. These pressure levels are far higher than those achieved by carpet extractors used for domestic cleaning. Commercial carpet cleaners also feature automated filling and dumping of water. This is another labor-saving, time-saving feature that enables contractors to clean more carpets in lesser amount of time. Carpet cleaning machines should ideally have low flow rates. This reduces the amount of water used for washing carpets. Low-flow rates also help in faster carpet drying.

When you are purchasing carpet extractors, make sure that the wand size, flow rates, and temperatures, are just right.

October 15 2013


The Role of Electric Pressure Washers in Industrial and Commercial Cleaning

Electric pressure washers are powerful cleaning machines designed to make a variety of cleaning tasks quick and convenient. Choosing the right one for your specific cleaning needs can be a daunting task because there are many brands of pressure washers available on the market. If you need one for domestic cleaning needs, you can choose a machine with low pressure levels, but if you cleaning needs are complex and involve removing tough and unyielding stains, then heated pressure washers with high pressure levels can do the job better.

Cold water electric pressure washers are perfect for daily cleaning applications of hard concrete floors, tiles, cement structures, pavers, driveways, and walkways. Cleaning machines with 2000 psi or more can help in removing grime, dirt and debris quickly, as the high pressure of cold water blasts away dust, debris and accumulated dirt quickly and without any physical effort. These machines usually have a high flow rate to allow the residual dirt to flow away with water.

Why Hot Water Cleaning Machines are Recommended?

Hot water electric pressure washers are generally used to clean surfaces that attract a lot of grease, oily stains, chemical spills, and food and dye spills. Hot water cleaning not only makes tough cleaning tasks easy, but also takes less time as compared to conventional cleaning methods. Moreover, hot water reduces the dependency on harsh detergents and toxic chemicals needed in some type of cleaning jobs. Choosing the right type of cleaning machine is imperative to get the best results.

Electric pressure washers are also available in stationary and portable models. You choice of the model would once again depend on the type of cleaning tasks you need to deal with. Portable cleaning machines are convenient to use when large areas need to be cleaned. They not only improve reach, but are easy for the operators to handle.

High Pressure Levels Can Help Tackle a Variety of Cleaning Applications

Industrial pressure washers from top suppliers are preferred by cleaning professionals for a number of functions, ranging from cleaning pavements and concrete structures to heavy-duty industrial degreasing. Industrial pressure washers are perfect for dissolving stubborn deposits of grime and dirt with their high steam temperatures. The high pressure level of these machines saves operators’ hours of manual cleaning.

Commercial pressure washers are designed to deliver impressive results due to their rugged construction and advanced features. The best commercial pressure washers come with steel powder-coated housing with high gloss finish. Pressure washer machines can be used for a variety of cleaning applications. Their cleaning power can be enhanced significantly using green chemicals which not only help remove unyielding stains but are also eco-friendly.

A pressure washer is ideal for use as dairy processing cleaning equipment, as the pressurized steam from the machine can effectively clean and sanitize the equipment used for processing milk. The fat content present in milk can make dairy machinery greasy and tough to clean using ordinary cleaning methods. Only specialized dairy processing cleaning equipment, that uses hot steam and high pressure levels, can clean quickly and comprehensively. Choosing pressure washer machines from top suppliers can give you the best cleaning results.

September 30 2013


Should You Use Rug Cleaning Machines For All Types of Upholstery Cleaning?

Before you purchase rug cleaning machines, you need to understand their applications and their limitations. These machines also have many advantages. In order to get the best out of your investment, you need to know how they work and where they can be used.

For example, rug cleaning machines can clean only fabric upholstery. You cannot use them for cleaning leather or other types of upholstery. These machines are immensely useful because they effectively remove dirt and impurities embedded in fabric carpets and upholstery. As a result, they can clear away most stains, including grease, ink, food, and other, from carpets. Where carpet washing used to be a chore earlier, powerful and technologically superior cleaning machines have made the carpet washing process quite simpler. Especially for commercial areas, these rug cleaning machines are a boon. Where pedestrian traffic is high and carpets get dirty almost on a daily basis, these upholstery cleaning machines are very useful for daily maintenance of carpets and upholstery.

Heated vs. Non-Heated Machines
Carpet cleaning machines are widely used by car wash businesses for cleaning fabric car seats. There are heated and non-heated rug cleaning machines. It is advisable to use heat everytime, but it becomes extremely necessary when cleaning fabric upholstery that is very greasy, stained, or malodorous. These machines have powerful inline heating elements which enable heating of water in just about five to fifteen minutes. The machines achieve temperatures as high as 210°F. Before you use hot water for cleaning carpets or upholstery, do check if they are tolerant to heat. Heat should be turned off when cleaning carpets made of natural fibers. The non-heated carpet wash machines, owing to high pump pressures of up to 120 psi and the ability to use water at 140°F for cleaning, can also form an effective alternative to heated carpet washers, particularly, when the budgets are low and the carpets are not very greasy or dirty. These rug steam cleaner machines are extensively used for carpet washing on a commercial basis. 

Wands and Automation
The best carpet cleaners are those that feature powerful vacuum extraction. These machines have durable vacuum pumps in order to extract the maximum moisture from carpets. For increased vacuum extraction, specially designed wands are available that enhance the suction by 60%. Carpet cleaning machines feature two types of wands. For washing carpets, there is a 12in. wand that is durable and has a single jet. Upholstery cleaners feature a 4in. wand that is also single jet. Upholstery cleaners can be used for carpet cleaning as long as you use the correct wand.

Carpet extractors may also feature automated filling and dumping of water. As a result, they make carpet cleaning faster and more efficient, like the best carpet cleaners should. These carpet extractors also feature large solution and extraction chambers. 

Buying upholstery cleaners or rug steam cleaner machines from the best suppliers is very important for getting powerful and fast cleaning.

September 25 2013


The Many Advantages of Using Pressure Washing Machines for Commercial Cleaning

Industrial and commercial cleaning are considered among the most demanding cleaning tasks and requires powerful cleaning machines with features designed for carrying out specific cleaning applications. Pressure washing machines are perfect for carrying out such demanding cleaning tasks without much effort.

There are various types of pressure washing machines available on the market, but choosing the right one that fits your cleaning requirements is what you should be focusing on. Hot water pressure washing machines are considered more efficient than cold water pressure washers because they are able to deliver advanced cleaning results due to the presence of a heating element. The combined power of heat and high pressure can help in eliminating the toughest of stains and grime from industrial and commercial floors and machinery.

User Friendly Machines Allow Quick Completion of Cleaning Tasks
Modern pressure washing machines from top suppliers in the industry are a favorite of professional cleaners, given the high quality and performance standards and the outstanding ruggedness of these powerful machines. They are designed by experts to deal with the specific cleaning requirements of commercial and industrial facilities. The user-friendly operations and adherence to international safety standards make these machines perfect for a variety of tough and complex cleaning tasks one often comes across in commercial facilities.

You can, nowadays, choose cleaning machines with different types of power options and heating preferences. These pressure washing machines reduce the time and effort that cleaning professionals need to carry out comparatively tougher cleaning applications. Moreover, the end results are really exceptional when you compare them with the results you get with conventional cleaning machines. 

Why Steam is the Worst Enemy of Stubborn Dirt and Grime?
Cold water pressure washers create high temperatures and rely on   high pressure levels to blast away debris and dirt from hard surfaces. However, cold water pressure washers have their limitations. They cannot be expected to deliver quality results when it comes to removing oil, grease, dye, and food stains from commercial floors. Steam pressure washers are perfect for advanced cleaning because the combined power of high steam level and high pressure level can dissolve and dislodge the most stubborn of stains quickly. 

Electric pressure washers, gas pressure washers, and steam pressure washers are considered the most notable categories of pressure washer systems due to their ability to perform the toughest cleaning tasks in the most difficult settings and circumstances. If you are looking for a powerful truck washing equipment, it is recommended that you choose pressure washers operating on fuel for heightened mobility. 

A pressure washer which operates on all three modes, namely cold water, hot water and steam, can function as the best truck washing equipment. Advanced truck and car pressure washers available on the market are powered by diesel and heated by a fuel such as propane. They are perfect cleaning machines for outdoor operations where an electric source may not be easily available and where electric pressure washers may not be able to perform at optimum level due to lack of reach.

Car pressure washers with low flow rates, moderate pressure levels, and high temperatures are recommended by industry experts because they are eco-friendly, are unlikely to damage external paint, and can quickly remove all kinds of dirt and stains from the external surface.

September 10 2013

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Industrial Steam Cleaner - Daimer Super Max 7000 Demo

The Right Choice to Maintain Hotel Rooms

Maintaining high-traffic areas in hospitality settings, such as hotel rooms, can be a really overwhelming task. After all, impeccable maintenance of hotel rooms encompasses a multitude of applications, including disinfecting the toilets, scrubbing floors, cleaning counters, deodorizing mattresses, and more. As more and more people continue to use the facilities on a daily basis, it can be harder for cleaning experts to maintain the established standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Thankfully, commercial steam cleaners have now arrived to simplify such cleaning jobs.

A few hours after a thorough cleaning session, the toilets and restrooms in hotels can smell bad and look unclean. Grimy fingerprints on faucets, stained upholstery, and dirty floors can make the place look neglected. Such a scenario is more than enough to turn away customers. To ensure the best ever cleaning results without demanding too much time or effort from cleaning professionals, it would be a great idea to switch to commercial steam cleaners.

The Awesome Cleaning Power of Steam
Cleaning experts recommend using commercial versions of steamers for maintaining hotel rooms. Commercial steam cleaners eject super-hot steam to help dissolve the toughest deposits of grease, grime, dirt, and stains quickly and effectively. The most important benefit of choosing steam cleaner systems is that these machines are ideal for use on almost all surfaces including mattresses, floors, bathroom fittings, upholstery, furniture, mirrors, windows, and door knobs.

When it comes to hotel rooms, simply cleaning different surfaces will not suffice. It is vital to ensure effective sanitization as well. Commercial steam cleaners with their extremely high temperatures of steam help keep germ buildup on surfaces to a minimum. The latest versions of steam cleaner systems are also empowered with advanced technologies designed to eliminate up to 99.99 percent of germs, allergens, and pathogens on different surfaces.

Wide Range of Applications
Whether it is soap scum removal or odor removal, steamer systems available from reputed suppliers ensure easier and faster completion of cleaning applications in hotel rooms. Other capabilities of these machines include:
  • The newest steam cleaners come with HEPA filtration system that helps extract dust, allergens, dust mites, and other particles to ensure better quality indoor air in hotel rooms.
  • Bed bug infestation is a serious issue that may affect mattresses in hotel rooms. Since the bed bugs cannot tolerate high temperatures, using steam vacuum machines is the perfect technique to effectively eliminate bed bugs.
  • Stains on mattresses, carpets, and upholstery caused by food deposits, beverage spills or body fluids can be extremely difficult to remove. However, the hot steam generated by vapor steam cleaners dissolves the toughest stains quickly and effortlessly.
  • The combination of high temperatures, HEPA filtration, and anti-bacterial functions makes steam cleaners powerful enough to disinfect and deodorize a range of surfaces.
  • The dry steam ejected by the steam vacuum machines contains low moisture levels of just 5 percent. As a result, the chances of mold development are drastically reduced.
For the widest range of vapor steam cleaners or soap scum removal systems for cleaning hotel rooms, check out the online stores of reputed suppliers.
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August 12 2013


Rust Removal Pressure Washers: Capable of Much More than Rust Elimination

Maintenance tasks in any setting can demand lots of time and effort, if you are not equipped with efficient cleaning equipment. This is especially true when it comes to the more challenging tasks, such as eliminating rust stains from floors and concrete. Unlike dirt or grease deposits, rust stains can be particularly stubborn and resist all attempts of removal using commercial chemicals. Hours of scrubbing too can yield unsatisfactory results. For this reason, it is advisable to try something new to eliminate rust stains. Something advanced and truly efficient such as rust removal pressure washers.

Fast and Easy Cleaning
Although rust stains may be present on tiled floors or concrete surfaces, especially beneath legs of metal furniture or gas cylinders, people do not easily notice them until the stuff is moved for one reason or another. Dirt, dust and stains too can easily build up under heavy pieces of furniture and present a real cleaning challenge. To prevent rust, grime, and other stains from ruining the appeal of your beautiful floors or walls, it is imperative to bring in rust removal pressure washers from leading suppliers.

Now how do these machines manage to remove tough stains of rust from surfaces? To accomplish excellent cleaning results on different surfaces, the latest versions of rust removal pressure washers available from reputed brands come with high pressure levels and triple temperature options. These power cleaners feature pressure levels up to 4000 psi that work wonders in eliminating rust stains from floors, patios, driveways, parking lots, garages, and pathways.

Simplifying Concrete Maintenance
Dirt, grime and stains on concrete surfaces are rather difficult to clean off, due to the porous nature of concrete. Once rust or graffiti gets absorbed by concrete surfaces, the cleaning part can be really difficult. However, the pressurized water or steam ejected from rust removal pressure washers helps flush out tough dirt and grime from porous concrete surfaces. Switching to technologically superior pressure washer machines helps remove almost all kinds of unwanted deposits on concrete with the minimum of effort and time.

Removing grease and oil deposits on concrete floors in industrial areas is a demanding task for cleaning professionals. For this reason, the best diesel pressure washers now come equipped with high temperature levels. To dissolve grease or oil, simply set the temperature on the tri-mode industrial pressure washers to hot water or wet steam and watch the grease dissolve and wash away quickly and easily.

Industrial degreasing is a very important aspect of food manufacturing and processing industries. This explains the widespread use of pressure washers in industrial degreasing. Government regulations do not usually permit fuel-powered versions, such as diesel pressure washers, to be used within food processing facilities. Fortunately, leading distributors now offer electric pressure washers that are ideal for use in such situations. In addition to being more compact and portable than the fuel-powered versions, the electric pressure washers also create very low operating noise.

To efficiently manage almost all types of tough cleaning applications, such as degreasing or rust removal in different settings, check out the industrial pressure washers available from renowned suppliers.

June 25 2013


Features of the Best Upholstery Hard Surface Cleaners

Whether you wish to buy upholstery hard surface cleaners or carpet cleaners, what matters the most is the efficiency. There are many so-called multi-purpose machines available in the market that can clean almost every surface, but not even one with the required efficiency. Checking the features of the machine and buying the right machine is of utmost importance for superior cleaning.

Ideal Upholstery Hard Surface Cleaners
Steam cleaners are generally used as upholstery hard surface cleaners. These machines come with accessories that can efficiently clean hard upholstery surfaces.

The heated output of the machines melts away dirt easily, which is then extracted completely, due to the presence of the wet vacuuming feature in the most advanced upholstery hard surface cleaners from the latest brands.

Some of these vapor steam cleaners can even reach temperatures as high as 364°F for superior cleaning results. The temperatures can, however, be adjusted, as the latest machines come with adjustable temperature control technologies. These vapor steam cleaners can also be used to spot clean carpets and upholstery too.

The latest upholstery steam cleaners come with continuous refill technologies and self cleaning boilers. The heating elements of the best steam cleaners are made of solid stainless steel that is capable of withstanding high temperatures. Machines with low-grade aluminum parts should not be purchased, as these elements develop holes gradually.

Another quality of the best technologically advanced steam cleaning machines is that these machines come with replaceable heating elements. This feature reduces the cost of maintenance drastically. This is the reason why the ones in cleaning business do a thorough research before actually making a purchase and prefer buying machines only from the most renowned suppliers, as such brands also offer life time warranties on the boilers of their upholstery steam cleaners.

This is not the end, the new-generation steam vacuum cleaners machines also come with HEPA filters for efficient allergen removal and anti-bacterial technologies for the removal of any kind of bacteria present on the surfaces. Large water chambers and detergent chambers, and long steam and vacuum hoses are some more features of these machines.

Brushes made of different shapes and sizes make these steam vacuum cleaners more versatile. Some of the machines also feature gum removal kits for removing gum deposits from different surfaces, including upholstery. The kit includes gum removal brushes and solution. Some manufacturers supply green chemicals that do no harm to the environment or the health of people.

The choice of the right machine can make the work much easier for the ones responsible for maintaining hard upholstery surfaces. Check out the websites of the most famous suppliers of cleaning machines and purchase the one that meets your needs perfectly.

June 22 2013


Should You Invest in Fabric Furniture Cleaning Machines For Car Wash Businesses?

If you own a car wash business, the type of equipment to purchase depends on the kind of services you are offering. If you are offering just exterior cleaning, that is cleaning of the car exterior surface including tires, doors, roof, and windows, a power washer designed for car wash businesses would be sufficient. However, if you are also providing interior cleaning for cars, you will be required to clean car seats, carpets, and hard surfaces. Most car seats are made of either fabric or synthetic upholstery. For cleaning fabric upholstery, you require fabric furniture cleaning machines.

Fabric furniture draws a lot of grime, grease, and other substances, which is why they are required to be cleaned frequently. Fabric furniture cleaning machines will remove the grime and get rid of odors. These machines are ideal for eliminating stains from fabric covered car seats. Food spills and mold can all be washed away using high quality fabric furniture cleaning machines.

Depending on the heaviness of the grime, you could invest in a hot water or a cold water fabric furniture cleaning machine. A non-heated machine can use either cold water or water up to 140°F for heating. This machine cannot heat water. Contractors and car wash businesses purchase this type of machine in order to save costs.

If the upholstery is too grimy, you will need to clean it with hot water.  For cleaning a lot of carpets or car seats, it makes sense to invest in a machine that can heat water.  A hot water machine can reach temperatures as high as 210°F.  One of the biggest conveniences of using this machine is that it can heat water in just five minutes. These fabric furniture cleaning machines have heating devices that speed up the heating process and reduce inefficiency.

Wand size
Another special feature of a fabric furniture cleaning machine is the wand. The wand size determines whether you can use the machine for cleaning carpets or for cleaning upholstery.  Machines designed to clean upholstery are fitted with a 4 inch wand. This single-jet wand is usually made of stainless steel, which is durable and corrosion resistant. The other kind of wand is 12 inches in diameter and is used for professional carpet cleaning. Usually, if you are purchasing a machine built to clean upholstery, the carpet wand is an optional purchase.

Similarly, if you plan to use carpet cleaning machines for cleaning upholstery, be sure to purchase the optional 4 inch wand.  This type of wand is used for cleaning car upholstery apart from upholstery in commercial areas, such as hotels, movie theaters, conference calls, and similar places.

Flow rate
For professional carpet cleaning, you need to invest in carpet cleaning machines that are designed to wash carpets using minimal water. A low-flow carpet upholstery cleaning machine has numerous advantages, the major one being the reduced drying time of the carpet. If you use this type of carpet upholstery cleaning machine for washing carpets, the drying time is reduced to just about two hours.  The wand size is also an important factor when purchasing commercial carpet cleaning machines. A longer hose enables the operator to cover more area without moving the machine around. Usually, commercial carpet washer machines have 25 feet long hoses.

Powerful vacuum motors, large water chamber, and reduced water consumption are some of the other highlights of a high-quality carpet cleaner machine.

April 13 2013


Carpet Steam Cleaners For Fast, Effective Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaners are an effective tool for all kinds of carpet washing. The advantage of using these machines is that you can wash not only carpets but also fabric upholstery. This includes sofa covers in hotels, chair covers in restaurants, and car seat covers. As a result, carpet wash machines are integral to the maintenance of commercial areas and for businesses, such as car washing.

Carpet steam cleaners should ideally be used in combination with green detergents. These chemicals, unlike typical chemical detergents, are biodegradable and, therefore, eco friendly. They are non toxic as well, and this could become a selling point for any business that uses carpet wash machines for cleaning indoor carpets. In addition to that, these chemicals are unlikely to catch fire or cause difficulties in storage, use, and transportation.

Carpet steam cleaners must clean carpets in order to remove odors and stains. Odors and stains are caused when minute particles of dust are left embedded inside the fabric. Ordinary methods of carpet cleaning do not work because scrubbing by hand or ordinary cleaning chemicals is unable to remove these impurities from carpets. As a result, carpets become yellowed or dull, the stains become old, and carpets attract pests and become home to fungi.

In order to get rid of these problems, you require carpet steam cleaners with high temperatures to wash carpets thoroughly. Carpet cleaning machines feature temperatures up to 210°F, high enough to remove most dirt. In particular, high temperatures are very effective in dissolving grease and food remnants, which tend to stain carpets and attract pests. Additionally, high temperatures also remove mold and thereby eliminate odors. Purchasing the right machine for washing carpets is important if you want hassle-free, productive carpet cleaning.

One of the features of a high-quality carpet wash machine is the flow rate. A machine with low-flow rate is more likely to help you clean carpets without overdrawing on local water resources.  This offers multiple benefits. First, expenses arising from excessive water consumption are reduced. There are no drainage problems of runoff to deal with. The second advantage is that machines that use less water promote faster carpet drying. Ordinarily, carpets require at least 24 hours to dry post-wash. However, if you use a low-flow carpet cleaner, the drying time is reduced to just about two hours.

Commercial carpet cleaners should ideally be easy to transport. Portable carpet cleaners are widely used in car wash businesses.  Mobile car detailers, for example, are dependent on portable carpet cleaners, which are light weight, compact machines that can be transported to distant locations. These XTreme Power carpet cleaning machines also feature long hoses.  A long hose enables the operator to clean large carpeted areas or a fleet of cars without moving the carpet cleaner around too frequently.

Carpet cleaning machines from reputed suppliers are also known for their durability. These machines are fitted with durable vacuum pumps to enable maximum extraction of water, dirt, and detergent from carpets. Commercial XTreme Power carpet extractors are usually available with two types of wands. The first one is a carpet cleaning wand which is usually 12in. wide.  The smaller wand is used for cleaning upholstery and happens to be 4in. wide. You may purchase the machine with just one wand or optionally purchase the second  wand for washing carpets as well as upholstery. 

April 03 2013


Features of Superior Upholstery Carpet Cleaners

Upholstery carpet cleaners are extremely popular in the auto detailing industry due to their ability to deliver high quality cleaning results on a regular basis. They are extremely effective when it comes to cleaning car interiors' fabric upholstery and also for the removal of stains and spots from carpets.

Upholstery carpet cleaners from top retailers in the industry offer advanced technologies to make carpet cleaning less tedious and far quicker than conventional cleaning machines. These machines generate a pressure of up to 120 psi and come in heated and non-heated varieties to match the varying needs of clients.

Faster Cleaning Times Due to Advanced Technology
Low flow technology is an important addition to the many features available in modern upholstery carpet cleaning systems. Cleaning as many cars and automobiles as possible is what drives the profit of a car detailing unit. This feature can optimize profits with very little additional investment. With this unique technology, drying time can be reduced drastically from 24 hours to as little as two hours, as very less amount of water gets transferred onto the surface and the carpet padding. Another feature thoughtfully included is the increased hose length which allows operators to cover all areas without having to move the machine frequently.

Top carpet cleaner retailers have been upgrading the models to provide powerful cleaning action. The additional cleaning power in later day machines comes from high pressure levels offered by these machines. Powerful heating elements present in some models can heat water up to 150°F in just around 15 minutes. They help in more powerful and comprehensive cleaning than non-heated models.

Car detailing manufacturers are delighted by the availability of models that offer advanced, adjustable temperature control technology which allows operators to adjust the temperature of the flow to meet the specific needs of the cleaning application. High capacity uphostery cleaning systems are available to make the car cleaning applications more quick and powerful. Upholstery carpet cleaners with water tank capacity as high as 17 gallons help operators to carry out seamless cleaning without the need to refill the tank frequently.

Soap Free Chemicals Offer Better Cleaning Power
Upholstery cleaners with advanced features offer easy and quick elimination and drainage of recovered water. Popular suppliers of upholstery cleaning machines make it easier for car detailing businesses to improve their services by offering green, soap-free chemicals with upholstery cleaners. These plant-based chemicals do not leave behind soap and harsh chemical traces and get removed completely from the surfaces during the cleaning process.

Hard upholstery surface cleaner machines from top companies have high quality components that ensure peak performance and extreme durability even under difficult conditions. They have a rugged exterior housing and are designed to offer the highest degree of cleaning power when it comes to upholstery cleaning. The inline heating elements are made of the best quality materials to make sure that their performance is unmatched and consistent.

It is important to make the right choice while buying hard upholstery surface cleaner systems. Cheap upholstery carpet cleaners can cost you heavily in the long run, in terms of maintenance and replacement of expensive components. Machines with proven capabilities can help you churn out regular profits with very little effort.

March 29 2013


Why Truck Washing Equipment should Feature a Heating Device?

Before you purchase truck washing equipment, you need to pay attention to the cleaning requirements of trucks. External surfaces tend to collect grease and other substances found on the road. Removing these quickly and effectively is the foremost priority of high quality truck washing equipment. Grease, particularly the one found on engines and other parts of trucks, can be removed only with the use of hot water. Pressurized hot steam dissolves and blasts away the grime. Removing these dirt deposits without the use of hot water can be extremely difficult, particularly if you are cleaning trucks on a commercial basis.

This is the reason why truck washing equipment feature high temperatures. Some power washers feature temperatures as high as 330°F. You have an option to set the temperature flow in advanced machines from reputed brands. Simply set the water temperature at cold for ordinary cleaning, when the truck is not too greasy or dirty. The higher temperatures could also be used for other commercial tasks such as degreasing commercial kitchens and cleaning bathrooms. Many contractors use these machines to undertake cleaning tasks in different industries and commercial locations.

Apart from the tri-mode temperature setting, the moderate flow rates and high pressure levels are the other advantages of high quality truck washing equipment. Flow rates up to 2.5 gpm are suitable for truck washing. For cleaning trucks and larger vehicles, you may use machines with pressure levels that are slightly on the higher side. Many power washers feature pressure levels as high as 3000 psi, which can not only clean trucks, but also many other kinds of hard surfaces including concrete, metal, stone, and brick. Therefore, these multipurpose machines can also be used for cleaning applications in different industries.

Car Cleaning
If you are planning to purchase auto cleaning equipment for auto detailing business, you should invest in machines with pressure levels up to 1500 psi. These machines are used for power washing cars without causing any damage to the car surface. Power washers are ideal exterior auto cleaners. Some exterior auto cleaners have flow rates as low as 0.5 gpm.

Interior auto cleaners are used for cleaning vehicle interiors. Interior auto cleaners include steam cleaners and carpet washers. Steam cleaners clean the dashboard, windows, steering wheel, and other surfaces, while carpet cleaners are used for cleaning fabric upholstery inside the cars and trucks. This kind of truck washing equipment may be either heated or non heated. Non-heated carpet cleaners may be used for cleaning carpets that are not very dirty. Heated carpet cleaners, on the other hand, are used for cleaning carpets that are greasy, stained, and very grimy. The ones in the auto detailing business should choose auto cleaning equipment after carefully considering the various applications.

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