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Why Truck Washing Equipment should Feature a Heating Device?

Before you purchase truck washing equipment, you need to pay attention to the cleaning requirements of trucks. External surfaces tend to collect grease and other substances found on the road. Removing these quickly and effectively is the foremost priority of high quality truck washing equipment. Grease, particularly the one found on engines and other parts of trucks, can be removed only with the use of hot water. Pressurized hot steam dissolves and blasts away the grime. Removing these dirt deposits without the use of hot water can be extremely difficult, particularly if you are cleaning trucks on a commercial basis.

This is the reason why truck washing equipment feature high temperatures. Some power washers feature temperatures as high as 330°F. You have an option to set the temperature flow in advanced machines from reputed brands. Simply set the water temperature at cold for ordinary cleaning, when the truck is not too greasy or dirty. The higher temperatures could also be used for other commercial tasks such as degreasing commercial kitchens and cleaning bathrooms. Many contractors use these machines to undertake cleaning tasks in different industries and commercial locations.

Apart from the tri-mode temperature setting, the moderate flow rates and high pressure levels are the other advantages of high quality truck washing equipment. Flow rates up to 2.5 gpm are suitable for truck washing. For cleaning trucks and larger vehicles, you may use machines with pressure levels that are slightly on the higher side. Many power washers feature pressure levels as high as 3000 psi, which can not only clean trucks, but also many other kinds of hard surfaces including concrete, metal, stone, and brick. Therefore, these multipurpose machines can also be used for cleaning applications in different industries.

Car Cleaning
If you are planning to purchase auto cleaning equipment for auto detailing business, you should invest in machines with pressure levels up to 1500 psi. These machines are used for power washing cars without causing any damage to the car surface. Power washers are ideal exterior auto cleaners. Some exterior auto cleaners have flow rates as low as 0.5 gpm.

Interior auto cleaners are used for cleaning vehicle interiors. Interior auto cleaners include steam cleaners and carpet washers. Steam cleaners clean the dashboard, windows, steering wheel, and other surfaces, while carpet cleaners are used for cleaning fabric upholstery inside the cars and trucks. This kind of truck washing equipment may be either heated or non heated. Non-heated carpet cleaners may be used for cleaning carpets that are not very dirty. Heated carpet cleaners, on the other hand, are used for cleaning carpets that are greasy, stained, and very grimy. The ones in the auto detailing business should choose auto cleaning equipment after carefully considering the various applications.

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