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Carpet Steam Cleaners For Fast, Effective Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaners are an effective tool for all kinds of carpet washing. The advantage of using these machines is that you can wash not only carpets but also fabric upholstery. This includes sofa covers in hotels, chair covers in restaurants, and car seat covers. As a result, carpet wash machines are integral to the maintenance of commercial areas and for businesses, such as car washing.

Carpet steam cleaners should ideally be used in combination with green detergents. These chemicals, unlike typical chemical detergents, are biodegradable and, therefore, eco friendly. They are non toxic as well, and this could become a selling point for any business that uses carpet wash machines for cleaning indoor carpets. In addition to that, these chemicals are unlikely to catch fire or cause difficulties in storage, use, and transportation.

Carpet steam cleaners must clean carpets in order to remove odors and stains. Odors and stains are caused when minute particles of dust are left embedded inside the fabric. Ordinary methods of carpet cleaning do not work because scrubbing by hand or ordinary cleaning chemicals is unable to remove these impurities from carpets. As a result, carpets become yellowed or dull, the stains become old, and carpets attract pests and become home to fungi.

In order to get rid of these problems, you require carpet steam cleaners with high temperatures to wash carpets thoroughly. Carpet cleaning machines feature temperatures up to 210°F, high enough to remove most dirt. In particular, high temperatures are very effective in dissolving grease and food remnants, which tend to stain carpets and attract pests. Additionally, high temperatures also remove mold and thereby eliminate odors. Purchasing the right machine for washing carpets is important if you want hassle-free, productive carpet cleaning.

One of the features of a high-quality carpet wash machine is the flow rate. A machine with low-flow rate is more likely to help you clean carpets without overdrawing on local water resources.  This offers multiple benefits. First, expenses arising from excessive water consumption are reduced. There are no drainage problems of runoff to deal with. The second advantage is that machines that use less water promote faster carpet drying. Ordinarily, carpets require at least 24 hours to dry post-wash. However, if you use a low-flow carpet cleaner, the drying time is reduced to just about two hours.

Commercial carpet cleaners should ideally be easy to transport. Portable carpet cleaners are widely used in car wash businesses.  Mobile car detailers, for example, are dependent on portable carpet cleaners, which are light weight, compact machines that can be transported to distant locations. These XTreme Power carpet cleaning machines also feature long hoses.  A long hose enables the operator to clean large carpeted areas or a fleet of cars without moving the carpet cleaner around too frequently.

Carpet cleaning machines from reputed suppliers are also known for their durability. These machines are fitted with durable vacuum pumps to enable maximum extraction of water, dirt, and detergent from carpets. Commercial XTreme Power carpet extractors are usually available with two types of wands. The first one is a carpet cleaning wand which is usually 12in. wide.  The smaller wand is used for cleaning upholstery and happens to be 4in. wide. You may purchase the machine with just one wand or optionally purchase the second  wand for washing carpets as well as upholstery. 

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