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Should You Invest in Fabric Furniture Cleaning Machines For Car Wash Businesses?

If you own a car wash business, the type of equipment to purchase depends on the kind of services you are offering. If you are offering just exterior cleaning, that is cleaning of the car exterior surface including tires, doors, roof, and windows, a power washer designed for car wash businesses would be sufficient. However, if you are also providing interior cleaning for cars, you will be required to clean car seats, carpets, and hard surfaces. Most car seats are made of either fabric or synthetic upholstery. For cleaning fabric upholstery, you require fabric furniture cleaning machines.

Fabric furniture draws a lot of grime, grease, and other substances, which is why they are required to be cleaned frequently. Fabric furniture cleaning machines will remove the grime and get rid of odors. These machines are ideal for eliminating stains from fabric covered car seats. Food spills and mold can all be washed away using high quality fabric furniture cleaning machines.

Depending on the heaviness of the grime, you could invest in a hot water or a cold water fabric furniture cleaning machine. A non-heated machine can use either cold water or water up to 140°F for heating. This machine cannot heat water. Contractors and car wash businesses purchase this type of machine in order to save costs.

If the upholstery is too grimy, you will need to clean it with hot water.  For cleaning a lot of carpets or car seats, it makes sense to invest in a machine that can heat water.  A hot water machine can reach temperatures as high as 210°F.  One of the biggest conveniences of using this machine is that it can heat water in just five minutes. These fabric furniture cleaning machines have heating devices that speed up the heating process and reduce inefficiency.

Wand size
Another special feature of a fabric furniture cleaning machine is the wand. The wand size determines whether you can use the machine for cleaning carpets or for cleaning upholstery.  Machines designed to clean upholstery are fitted with a 4 inch wand. This single-jet wand is usually made of stainless steel, which is durable and corrosion resistant. The other kind of wand is 12 inches in diameter and is used for professional carpet cleaning. Usually, if you are purchasing a machine built to clean upholstery, the carpet wand is an optional purchase.

Similarly, if you plan to use carpet cleaning machines for cleaning upholstery, be sure to purchase the optional 4 inch wand.  This type of wand is used for cleaning car upholstery apart from upholstery in commercial areas, such as hotels, movie theaters, conference calls, and similar places.

Flow rate
For professional carpet cleaning, you need to invest in carpet cleaning machines that are designed to wash carpets using minimal water. A low-flow carpet upholstery cleaning machine has numerous advantages, the major one being the reduced drying time of the carpet. If you use this type of carpet upholstery cleaning machine for washing carpets, the drying time is reduced to just about two hours.  The wand size is also an important factor when purchasing commercial carpet cleaning machines. A longer hose enables the operator to cover more area without moving the machine around. Usually, commercial carpet washer machines have 25 feet long hoses.

Powerful vacuum motors, large water chamber, and reduced water consumption are some of the other highlights of a high-quality carpet cleaner machine.

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