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Rug Steam Cleaners for Reducing Carpet Washing Time

Time is money when you are running a business. The more tasks you can complete in a given span of time, the more profit your business generates. Keeping in mind the productivity of commercial cleaning businesses, dealers are offering a range of rug steam cleaners with the aim of reducing the carpet washing time and enabling contractors to undertake more cleaning tasks. One of the advantages of using commercial rug steam cleaners is that these machines are durable, corrosion resistant, and facilitate fast, effective carpet washing. 

Rug steam cleaners feature high temperatures of up to 210°F. These machines are, therefore, ideal for removing grease, mold, stains, urine stains, ink, and other impurities from carpets. Experienced householders and contractors know that deposits on carpets need to be washed off quickly before they can penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers and become almost impossible to remove. Rug steam cleaners are very effective in washing away stains. These machines eliminate not just fresh stains but also old stains which might be marring the beauty of an otherwise perfect carpet.

The Benefits of High Temperature

The high temperatures attained by these carpet cleaning machines are perfect for the removal of grease and similar substances from carpets. The heat is also suitable for removing mold and other impurities from carpets and upholstery. Carpet wash machines are usually equipped with two types of wands.  The first one is a carpet cleaning wand which is usually 12in. in length and is used for cleaning large carpets. The second wand is smaller, about 4in., and is used for cleaning upholstery and for cleaning fabric seat covers and carpets inside cars. Usually, carpet wash machines may have one of these wands, with the option of buying the other type of wand, if required. 

Besides the type of wand, you also have to keep in mind the length of hoses required for cleaning large carpeted floors. Commercial areas often cover a lot of space and, therefore, contractors have to clean large areas of carpeting. It would be helpful to have a long hose that minimizes the need to move the machine too frequently. This raises productivity substantially. The hoses are as long as hundred feet in some types of carpet cleaning machines. 

Portable carpet cleaners offer the additional benefit that they can be transported to various locations. Portable carpet cleaners are often used by mobile car wash businesses to clean car interiors, specifically car seats, at various locations. 

Commercial carpet cleaners often achieve pressure levels as high as 500 psi. These pressure levels are far higher than those achieved by carpet extractors used for domestic cleaning. Commercial carpet cleaners also feature automated filling and dumping of water. This is another labor-saving, time-saving feature that enables contractors to clean more carpets in lesser amount of time. Carpet cleaning machines should ideally have low flow rates. This reduces the amount of water used for washing carpets. Low-flow rates also help in faster carpet drying.

When you are purchasing carpet extractors, make sure that the wand size, flow rates, and temperatures, are just right.

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