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October 15 2013


The Role of Electric Pressure Washers in Industrial and Commercial Cleaning

Electric pressure washers are powerful cleaning machines designed to make a variety of cleaning tasks quick and convenient. Choosing the right one for your specific cleaning needs can be a daunting task because there are many brands of pressure washers available on the market. If you need one for domestic cleaning needs, you can choose a machine with low pressure levels, but if you cleaning needs are complex and involve removing tough and unyielding stains, then heated pressure washers with high pressure levels can do the job better.

Cold water electric pressure washers are perfect for daily cleaning applications of hard concrete floors, tiles, cement structures, pavers, driveways, and walkways. Cleaning machines with 2000 psi or more can help in removing grime, dirt and debris quickly, as the high pressure of cold water blasts away dust, debris and accumulated dirt quickly and without any physical effort. These machines usually have a high flow rate to allow the residual dirt to flow away with water.

Why Hot Water Cleaning Machines are Recommended?

Hot water electric pressure washers are generally used to clean surfaces that attract a lot of grease, oily stains, chemical spills, and food and dye spills. Hot water cleaning not only makes tough cleaning tasks easy, but also takes less time as compared to conventional cleaning methods. Moreover, hot water reduces the dependency on harsh detergents and toxic chemicals needed in some type of cleaning jobs. Choosing the right type of cleaning machine is imperative to get the best results.

Electric pressure washers are also available in stationary and portable models. You choice of the model would once again depend on the type of cleaning tasks you need to deal with. Portable cleaning machines are convenient to use when large areas need to be cleaned. They not only improve reach, but are easy for the operators to handle.

High Pressure Levels Can Help Tackle a Variety of Cleaning Applications

Industrial pressure washers from top suppliers are preferred by cleaning professionals for a number of functions, ranging from cleaning pavements and concrete structures to heavy-duty industrial degreasing. Industrial pressure washers are perfect for dissolving stubborn deposits of grime and dirt with their high steam temperatures. The high pressure level of these machines saves operators’ hours of manual cleaning.

Commercial pressure washers are designed to deliver impressive results due to their rugged construction and advanced features. The best commercial pressure washers come with steel powder-coated housing with high gloss finish. Pressure washer machines can be used for a variety of cleaning applications. Their cleaning power can be enhanced significantly using green chemicals which not only help remove unyielding stains but are also eco-friendly.

A pressure washer is ideal for use as dairy processing cleaning equipment, as the pressurized steam from the machine can effectively clean and sanitize the equipment used for processing milk. The fat content present in milk can make dairy machinery greasy and tough to clean using ordinary cleaning methods. Only specialized dairy processing cleaning equipment, that uses hot steam and high pressure levels, can clean quickly and comprehensively. Choosing pressure washer machines from top suppliers can give you the best cleaning results.

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